How to Increase Oxygen Level and Cleanse the Lungs

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A large number of people experience eye irritation, sore throat and difficulty breathing due to pollution. This toxic air causes the most damage to the lungs. In such cases, we are telling you how you can keep your lungs clean and your body healthy with home remedies.

However, the lungs are self-cleaning, i.e., they can do their own cleaning. But if our lungs are constantly exposed to toxic air every day that is constantly polluted, then the problem of inflammation in the lungs arises, which causes heaviness. Particles present in polluted air, chemicals, toxic air, smoke etc. accumulate in the lungs. So it is also very important to detox the lungs naturally.

Steam therapy for Increase Oxygen Level and Cleanse the Lungs

Steam therapy is considered to be the best way to clear the lungs. When the steam is inhaled, the airway opens, and the saliva in the lungs also comes out. The problem of pollution and fog is more in the winter season, so use steam therapy every day to keep the lungs free from contamination.

Kapoor, ajmo and clove for Increase Oxygen Level and Cleanse the Lungs

Make a cube of camphor and a spoonful of ajmo and clove in a handkerchief and sniff it 10 to 15 times with deep breath and every two hours This raises the oxygen level to 7-8 in 24 hours.

Green tea for Increase Oxygen Level and Cleanse the Lungs

Green tea is beneficial for health in many ways. It can help in weight loss, digestion and cleansing the lungs. Green tea rich in antioxidants works to protect the delicate tissue of the lungs by relieving inflammation and itching in the lungs.

Breathing exercises for Increase Oxygen Level and Cleanse the Lungs

Breathing exercises are a great way to cleanse the lungs. You can improve lung function through breathing exercises. Especially if you smoke or if you have lung disease. So this breathing exercise will definitely improve the function of the lungs by clearing the lung waste and help to keep it clean.

According to a study conducted on 1 thousand adults in South Korea, people who drank 2 cups of green tea a day had better lung function than those who did not. There are many things like eating and drinking that can pass air into our lungs and relieve shortness of breath.

Honey for Increase Oxygen Level and Cleanse the Lungs 

Honey, which is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is helpful in eliminating pneumonia and pneumonia. Honey can help cure many respiratory ailments, including asthma, tuberculosis, sore throat and lung relief. Consumption of 1 teaspoon of honey per day can be beneficial for the lungs.

Turmeric, ginger and garlic for Increase Oxygen Level and Cleanse the Lungs 

Turmeric, ginger and garlic can also keep the lungs healthy. 1 liter water, 2 teaspoons turmeric, 1 small piece of ginger, a little chopped garlic and a little jaggery. For this treatment, first heat 1 liter of water in a pot on gas. Now let’s put a circle in it. And then add ginger and garlic pieces and turmeric.

It is also important to pay attention to the daily diet to clean the lungs. Such as turmeric, cherries, broccoli, nuts, beans, green leafy vegetables – these are some of the things that naturally clear the lungs when eaten. And also stay away from processed food.

The mixture is then allowed to boil for a while. After boiling, let it cool for a while. After cooling, put it in a packed container and keep it in the freezer. Now you have to take two teaspoons of this product every morning and two teaspoons in the evening to keep the lungs clean.

To keep the lungs clean, heat water and soak the leaves of Kalhar in it, then add dry mint in it and keep it soaked for 15 minutes, then add honey and make tea. Regular consumption of this tea keeps the lungs healthy and does not cause any lung related disease.

Updated: April 15, 2021 — 5:33 pm

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