Sue Diagnosis

Sue Diagnosis

One key question in these types of cases is if the doctor breached the medical standard of care. Misdiagnosis can also involve: 

failure to monitor for a particular health state –

failure to refer a patient into an expert –

misinterpretation of laboratory test results –

failure to properly talk to the patient regarding their symptoms, and –

failure to correctly follow up and research possible causes of symptoms that are reported.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits for Misdiagnosis –

plaintiffs will need to follow the same steps for demonstrating malpractice as, with regards to lawsuits over misdiagnosis. The healthcare or hospital facility caused by misdiagnosis. 

Thats because doctors are independent contractors, not employees of this hospital, so this facility cannot take place accountable. Showing harm to the patient. It is not sufficient for demonstrating that the doctor didn’t make the diagnosis. A medical malpractice case is only going to be effective if it is shown that the misdiagnosis caused injury.

Misdiagnosis or delayed identification can cause injury to the patient in various ways, including exposing the individual to more aggressive therapy that could have been needed if the illness or health condition was diagnosed before – needlessly exposing the individual to harmful classes of treatment – executing pointless surgical processes – improved likelihood of complications, and so – improved likelihood of death. 

Watch this Statute of Limitations in a Misdiagnosis Case – Lastly, in any medical malpractice case, in every type of lawsuit for that matter, plaintiffs will need to be mindful of time limits for going to court and start the lawsuit process started.

You need to file the first document within a certain period of time after you suffered the injury that led to the lawsuit. These deadlines are set by state laws, so they are called statutes of limitations. In some jurisdictions, this statute of limitations might not start to run till the discovery of the injury.

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